Schrattenkalk in Kairo






Just in case you wonder… the map shows:

Oxford – London – Leipzig – Fusion Festival (Lärz, Germany) – Leipzig – Roskilde Fesitval (Roskilde, Denmark) – Berlin – Leipzig – Kirschau (close to Bautzen) – Leipzig – Amsterdam – Basel – Zürich – Basel – Amsterdam – Düsseldorf – Köln – Bonn – Amsterdam – London – Oxford

There still are some minor errors and so on, but well…


I went to Vitra Design Museum on the week-end. If you should ever be in Basel for sight seeing, make this one of your stops.

The current exhibition. Note the Eye-Bee-M poster.

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Ok, there we go. As promised a post on Roskilde. What can I say? It was lots of fun to go there with the Spreeblick crew. We had full access to th media sector, including web access, lockers and Nikon Professional Services. Over all the festival is a little bit like the Fusion with lots of stuff going on around it, but it still is a proper festival with big acts like Prince or the Gorillaz. I also enjoyed watching Bonaparte and Die Antwoord. Some of my photographs are also here (of the trip), here (with text of the stuff besides the concerts) and here (of the Germany-Argentina match). Last but not least, there is a slightly failed attempt at video journalism…

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After the Fusion and Roskilde (I will maybe post some photos later, but Gregor who made much better pictures already posted lots on Spreeblick) I went to Berlin and from there to a village south of the beautiful Bautzen by the name of Kirschau. We went there to visit the ObPhon festival becuase Mary and Alex participated with their Max & Moritz 2.0 installation. (I hope now I have done enough for my link karma for the rest of the year.) That’s also where Christoph shaved my beard. Anyway… enough talk. Below you can see some pictures I took on the exhibition grounds.

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