Schrattenkalk in Kairo

What the hell is Schrattenkalk? Well I could give you a rather lengthy explanation why the word has a certain aesthetic appeal. However this explanation would include other German terms such as “Gartennazi”, coined by the rapper and linguist Lady Bitch Ray (1) and would furthermore refer to “Zamonia”, a fictional continent created by the author Walter Moers. However for the moment I will spare you of this. Therefore, let me start over.

What the hell is Schrattenkalk? Schrattenkalk is my personal blog. It is some kind of weird mixture between an online journal, my platform to voice my personal, shrewd opinions and my tool to answer other people, whose blogs I read and who sometimes do not have a comment feature. (I am looking at you John Gruber!)

Why do I need such a thing and why would it be interesting to you? Well, I don’t really believe it is. I am not sure why you read this anyway. But hey, if you are interested for some reason, feel free to stick around and send me your comments. However that answers only half of the question. Why do I write this blog. Mainly for two reasons. Firstly because I miss the opportunity to discuss politics with my friends at home. And secondly because I am tired of answering the same questions (How are you, what are you doing, … ?) in emails and Skype over and over again.

OK. That’s not what you wanted to know? You meant, who the hell is Schrattenkalk? My name is Moritz. As you will have guessed from my monologue up there, I am German by descent. I grew up in Switzerland and currently live somewhere between Hogwarts, Khartoum , Cairo and Basel. I’m in my late twenties (if I’d tell you the precise age, I am sure to forget to update it) and have studied contemporary African history. Currently I am writing a DPhil thesis, as they call it in Hogwarts (PhD in common English).

If you love my posts and want to present me an air ticket to your city or if you hate them and want to sue me, feel free to get in touch with my hyperbot: zamomin at schrattenkalk dot com. Last but not least: The design of this blog is done by mak. I owe her many thanks for the work she put into this!

1) Lady Bitch Ray defined the term during an interview with the German magazine “Der Spiegel”. However it seems the term was originally coined by the comedian Georg Ringswandl in his song “Der Garten-Nazi”.