Schrattenkalk in Kairo

Sometimes blogging is really difficult – and if you are American even more so. My current problem is rather how to post updates to older articles, when I find interesting comments or news on issues I wrote about. Remember my article about copyright, my comment about the necessity to build a network of repositories, my discussion about Wuala? The German Bundestag seems as worried as I am about the heritage of movies (German). The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft also thinks it is necessary to connect various repositories (yes, you guessed right, German as well). And Jeff Price really argues my point that distribution technology can be culturally relevant a lot better than I did. But hey, I am new to the medium. I will find a better to post these updates way at some point. Not as new as me, but generally still underdeveloped is the German blogosphere. Buch PR gives an interesting overview of the local development (German). In the states however blogging might as mentioned be sometimes difficult, but that is partially an effect of the success of the medium. One major problem of blogs and other online media is that most people expect free access. As O’Reilly points out, this can be difficult. Generally there seems to be a new debate about “free”. While Chris Anderson of Wired discusses the “Future of Free”, Kevin Kelly believes in “Better than Free”. Definitely not free however is interstellar travel. But that is not the major problem. The problem is the consequences of general relativity for economic models, as Paul Krugman points out in his ingenious study (PDF), a paper he wrote to cheer himself up, as he recalls (via DF). Another study, so to say, but in this case a graphic character study, was done by Pixeloo (via Wuala). And again, the last step in my Assoziationskette, was a bit of a stretch.

Image by Pixeloo.

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