Schrattenkalk in Kairo

Today all new members of Oxford matriculated – i.e. “In the English universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Durham, the term is used for the ceremony at which new students are entered into the register (in Latin matricula) of the university, at which point they become members of the university. Oxford requires matriculands to wear academic dress with sub-fusc during the ceremony” (Wikipedia). In case you wonder what sub fusc means: “Subfusc comes from the Latin for “of a dark/dusky colour”, and refers to the clothes worn with full academic dress in Oxford. Generally, this means, for men: Dark suit, black socks and shoes, white shirt and collar, and a white bow tie” (once more Wikipedia). Below you can see some pictures of our matriculation: the first pictures show the scene after taking the official college picture, then we walk to the examination schools, then you see the ceremony in the examination schools and lastly you see us having the traditional post matriculation pint at the Turf.


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This seems like a good moment to read Krugman’s ingenious paper on interstellar travel once again. More enlightening to my peers in Nuffield, might be why he actually wrote it.



There we go. I have arrived in Hogwarts. And of course it is a rather busy start. Moving in, attending various introduction programmes, adding some personal touches to my room, opening a bank account, collecting various documents, getting a new phone, etc. But overall everything works rather seamlessly. Only Wuala doesn’t run in my college, which is rather annoying as all my personal files are on there. I assume it will be rather challenging to convince the university computer services to change certain network settings. Well, we’ll see.

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