Schrattenkalk in Kairo

I’m back to Switzerland for the moment. Give me a shout, if you are around.

(Picture by Curious Expeditions)

Swiss Flag


The upper chamber of the Parliament is burning. Being German that does give me the creeps. Anyway, it has been burning since hours and the fire fighters can’t get through. For a while they tried to attack the fire with helicopters – yes the ones which they usually use to fight fire in the jungle. That’s the urban jungle of Cairo for you. They seem to have given up on that though. I guess, when dropping water or powders from a great height in a city, the collateral damage would be rather devastating.




Hey everybody,

Wow what a week. I just returned from Sudan and immediately there was a lot of work waiting for me. But now Wuala has launched. With the new version of Wuala Beta you do not longer need to install an application or create an account to access files of other people – as long as these files are either public or password protected.

I would really like to encourage you to try it out for yourself. Have a look at the pictures I took in Khartoum and when you’re at it, browse around through some of my Egypt pictures.