Schrattenkalk in Kairo

In a couple of hours I will drive to the airport. Tonight I will fly to Khartoum. It is a first initial visit to set up some contacts for my PhD. I am looking forward to see how Khartoum has developed since I was there in 2000. They say it has become expensive, that there is malls now and moving stairs, that there is lots of big new buildings and other things. They also have a new currency, which is much easier to calculate. In 2000 it used to be 150 Dinar to the Dollar. (Prices however were usually quoted in thousand old Pounds. One Dinar equalled 10 old Pounds. That means that a product advertised for “10″ cost actually 100 Dinar.) Now the Dollar (and of course the Swiss Franc) is 2 Pounds. (Practically the new Pound equals 1000 old Pounds.) As that may be – now I will have a last beer and something to eat, before it is Tea and beans for ten days.

New Khartoum