Schrattenkalk in Kairo

Mtskheta (მცხეთა)

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What a year! My head is still spinning of this emotional roller coaster called 2011. In January I was in Sudan and we expected a year of big events –big and predictable events that is. On January 9th the referendum on South Sudan’s independence began and all seemed well. When the final results were announced in February even the Sudanese paid little attention. The events after all were not only big, but also utterly unexpected. And yes, January 25 was only the beginning –OK sure, technically it all began in Tunisia, but I hadn’t really paid attention to that. In quick secession we got the Arab spring, a monster earthquake followed by a monster tsunami followed by a nuclear disaster followed by Godzilla –oh wait, the last actually didn’t happen, but considering the previous events it would have been perfectly believable–, the American debt ceiling crisis followed by Occupy Wall Street and the Euro crisis –does anyone really know what EFSF stands for?– followed by governments crumbling left and right. Oh right, and Bin Laden died, and Kim Yong Il –whose name should only be written in serif fonts to make sure people do not mistake it for a Roman numeral– and Steve Jobs.

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